About the WFNMB

One of our principal activities is to support education efforts for nuclear physicians, physicists, radiopharmacists, radiochemists, technologists and other nuclear medicine scientists, especially from the developing world. 
In achieving its programmatic goals, the WFNMB will work with its member societies, and with international health and scientific bodies like the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). This will enable us to enhance nuclear medicine education and improve access to the highest quality nuclear medicine care.

The WFNMB provides Membership Services and a point of contact between the National Societies, Associations, and Working Groups. It encourages operational research to be published on the Website.

The WFNMB aims at helping societies in their strategic planning as a basis to decide what they need to do to become more effective, and provide the support needed for them to take those next steps.

The WFNMB organizes a quadrennial Congress, the third largest nuclear medicine meeting world-wide. Below please find an overview of the past congresses of WFNMB:

  • 1974 Tokyo & Kyoto (Japan) H. Ueda
  • 1978 Washington DC (USA) H. Wagner Jr
  • 1982 Paris (France) C. Kellershohn
  • 1986 Buenos Aires (Argentina) V. Pecorini
  • 1990 Montreal (Canada) E. Lebel
  • 1994 Sydney (Australia) I.P.C. Murray
  • 1998 Berlin (Germany) H. Biersack
  • 2002 Santiago (Chile) H. Amaral
  • 2006 Seoul (South Korea) M.C. Lee
  • 2008 Cape Town (South Africa) A. Ellmann
  • 2014 Cancun (Mexico) E. Estrada-Lobato